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How Mailwasher API Helps Ecommerce Sites Boost Their Profits

Email validation, or email verification, is an important primary step to maintain your mailing lists properly, therefore this feature is at the heart of every web based platform that will validate your emails before sending them. It does not really differ from supplier to supplier and usually comes with a standard syntax check, catch all mailbox lookup, a domain check, a verification catch-all, and SMTP Authentication. If you are wondering what it does - it helps to prevent the opening of spam email, and it also helps you to detect and track any misuse of your email address by spammers or third parties. Below you will know why using the Email Oversight service is highly beneficial to you.

If you run a web based business then there's a good chance that you've had to deal with email campaigns that have been purported as coming from your customers, but when you validate the email addresses, it will confirm that the message was indeed sent from your company. These verification processes can be very useful if your business has a large number of local contacts, since verifying each contact individually may not be possible. In many cases, it is possible to verify an address via its physical location, email address, postal code or zip code. Validation of email lists can prevent users from opening spam email or fraudulent email campaigns. Click here for more information about this service.

List cleaning is another common task in list maintenance. Lists' maintenance can become tedious with thousands of names on your list, and it's easy to miss cross-reference the correct person when entering the information for validation process. A good email validator service will ensure that you're able to quickly cross-reference a given name with an email address to cross-reference the proper person. You can also validate emails to ensure that they have not been sent to the spam box or to the incorrect address.

Verification of email addresses is an important task that your list maintenance software can perform efficiently. The verification process is typically faster when the list is refreshed with new names every few days. The verification service should provide your application with real-time access to list members, allowing the update of email addresses as soon as the application is opened or when card required information changes. Real-time verification also allows multiple users to login at once without the need to enter each account by hand. Real-time verification of email addresses ensures that the list remains up-to-date and prevents the possibility of manual entry.

Validation tools are essential to list maintenance. There are various tools that allow you to validate email lists. Some of the popular tools available include the free e-mail address finder, which allows you to find email addresses and find out the owners; the reverse email lookup tool, which gives you a wide range of information about the owner; email lookups via social network sites like Facebook and Twitter and the Yahoo email search tool, which allows you to cross-reference a variety of records for a fixed pattern and identify the person behind the fake e-mail address. Apart from these tools, there are other important pieces of validating information, which are crucial for ensuring the long term maintenance of your list and keeping your online business successful. The list includes the physical location of the email address, the name of the domain owner, subscriber information such as the domain name and subscriber details, subscriber contacts, subscriber complaints and a lot more.

If you're looking for a way to validate emails sent from customers, then it's best to look into a mailwasher API. Mailwasher API provides an advanced email validation service, allowing you to identify potential spam emails and filter them accordingly. When used in combination with a mail API, you can make the most out of both a spam prevention and lead generation platform. If you want to know more about how Mailwasher API can help you and your business, contact us today.
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